Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Training Day 2: Phoenix Municipal Stadium Reds @ A's

Day 2 is here and once again I was up and ready to go. But, didn't arrive until about 10am again (if you go to spring training, try to get there at 9am or earlier to get players as they are coming in, this is what people tell me).

 I am so happy that I get to have most of this trip with my father, its fun spending time with him and talking baseball. 

My dad was able to get Fergie Jenkins yesterday on a photo by the way. He also got a picture with him.  He is an old-time player who played two years with the Sox.  Today he got a guy that played with the Reds and beat the Sox.  Glad he got people that meant something to him!

Ok, so if you go to Phoenix Municipal Stadium, you need to go to a practice field 2 miles away early. You cannot access practice field at stadium as it is closed off to the public. So, i saw some guys waiting in an area outside for autographs...found out that is where visiting bus goes, only about 7 people there, so we waited....and waited....and waited...

Around 12:05 the Reds finally arrived. Phillips and Cueto did not sign. But, I got Ryan Ludwick on a card and Jeff Francis on the Sports Illustrated!!! I didn't recognize anyone else, besides Chris Heisy, Willie Harris and Dusty Baker.

Inside the stadium i saw someone signing in right field, I got down there as quick as i could and it was Dallas Braden!!  I got him on the bobblehead!!!! and then on and 8x10. I told him I am from DC and that the A's got some good prospects in Peacock, Norris, Millone (i forget the 4th guy for a minute and remembered it was AJ Cole--had a mind block). Braden said that we lost a big one. I said I know. Glad to have him.  I wished him well. He signed for a long, long time...while i was there probably 20-25 minutes. My dad got him on a ball.

I saw a couple Quinnipiac alums. That was cool (i had my yellow Quinnipiac shirt on).

I then saw Dusty Baker signing and went to the dugout and got him in the nick of time on the bobblehead!!

I got a prospect Sonny Gray on a USA jersey card and he showed a couple of his teammates the card. I like having jersey cards as many players show other players or make a comment on them.

One thing in A's stadium they did not have names on the back. I had the program that told me who players were.  I missed some guys cause i was outside.

After the 6th inning i left and went to see where the A's go. But could not find it (well found one side that was blocked off by security). So i went to where the Reds bus comes and I waited to see if I could get Cueto or Phillips. And, I did!  I got Johnny Cueto on a card.  I also got Brandon Phillips on a gametime mementos card and my dad got him on a ball and on 07 ginter card for me.

Ryan Ludwick signed a card for my dad. He recognized all of us from the am and would not sign. But, my dad got him on a mini-2010 allen and ginter card.

Jeff Francis came out and i said to him thanks for signing the SI for me earlier and I said it must be awesome to be on the cover of SI and he probably has one framed at home. And he smiled and said he does and that is was awesome.  I then asked him if he could sign a card and he signed one for me and then signed one for my dad.

So day 2 total: 9  autographs, 6 players and 1 coach
Bobbleheads - 2 (Braden and Baker)
8x10's - 1 (Braden)
Cards - 5 (Gray, Cueto, Phillips, Ludwick, Francis)
Sports Illustrated - 1 (Francis)

Dad -7 autographs (6 players)
Cards - 3 (Phillips, Ludwick, Francis)
Balls - 4 (Crisp-2, Braden-1, Phillips-1)

Tomorrow, not sure where we are going...but, either way. I am excited to be here. If you ever get a chance to do spring training in AZ, it is worth it. All the stadiums are so close.  I have met so many people at the games and hotel that are here to see there team.  I have had a number of great conversations with fans at the seats, fans waiting for autographs.

I met 3 nice women from San Francisco, well they are from that area, but all 3 had Giants gear and had a great conversation with them about baseball and various stadiums. Also talked about how fans are from different teams.  I have met some nice Giants fans in DC, but these women were nice and knowledgeable about baseball.  I even gave them my card, if they ever want to go to Fenway, I would get them tickets.

I hope this trip doesn't go by fast. I have been so excited for it to come and now finishing up day 2.

Until tomorrow!

Mike "bobblehead guy"


  1. hey mike was wondering if you got ur photo with anyone and if so r u going to post them

    1. hi chris, I have been able to get autographs, but only one picture with a player (a prospect for the padres). I have been able to get 5 bobbleheads autographed in 3 days (3 today...Evereth Cabrera, Kyle Blanks and Clayton Richard).