Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, April 21st Marlins at Nats

Before the game, inside, I got Heath Ball on a ginter card. My only Marlins player in 2 days. They are a very tough team to get signed. I could have also had Logan Morrison on a ginter card, but i made a ROOKIE mistake...i gave him Chris Coghlan's cards...don't know how/why i did that...he said, I am not Chris...i was like i know...damn...pissed off at myself)....get it together, Mike!!!

After the game (which the Nats one in 11, thanks to Ian Desmond's sac fly, he also hit a monster home run in this game which that Nats won 3-2 in 10).

Ok...the most amazing in terms of names today for autographs. There we about 15 people here....and you won't believe this list....i was and still am in utter SHOCK....disbelief....amazement!

Stephen Strasburg SIGNED and I got him on the Sports Illustrated!!! i told him while in line great start today and also asked how his arm is doing.  I then asked if he could sign it to Mike, but he said he doesn't do inscriptions, and i said ok, its for me thats why (see as people who know me know, i ask all players to sign to mike on 8x10's or SI's etc.) cause i DO NOT sell anything.  And, he then signed the SI and then asked my name and added To Mike...a few people said the signature was the best one....I think so too!!!  Thanks Stephen, you made my day, my week!...still smiling!!!

Not done yet....

Got on an 8x10 RYAN ZIMMERMAN....and then i had a photo from 3 years ago with him and Mike Hinckley and he signed it to Mike!!!

Also got....

Jayson Werth - Team ball
Rick Ankiel - Team ball (but didn't come in part of it because pen died)
Jordan Zimmermann - Team ball
Craig Stammen - Team ball
Mark DeRosa - card
Ian Desmond - signed all 4 of my remaining cards!!!

This was AWESOME!!!!!!!!  So happy!

I told Rick Ankiel he has the best arm of any center fielder or outfielder. that nobody will run on him.  He said "damn right i do". he was so funny.  he was great! 

So, how was my day?....The best!!


12-4, First place in the NL East. 

Mike "Bobblehead guy"

Friday, April 20th Marlins at Nats

Detwiler pitched 6 strong innings and then a great job by the relievers, though HRod was a little shaky in the 9th.  Detwiler with the Win! Nats win 2-0.  Quick game, only i think 8 hits combined? Ankiel with 3 hits (Home Run, single and a double).

After the game I got the following players

Edwin Jackson - Team Ball
Ross Detwiler - Team Ball
Ian Desmond - Team Ball
Mark DeRosa - Team Ball
HRod - Team Ball
Drew Storen - Team Ball
Tyler Clippard - Team Ball
Chad Tracy - card
Tom Gorzelany - card

Detwiler again a very nice guy. Told him what a great job pitching!  Glad to have him in the rotation. Asked DeRosa how the house hunting is going and he found a place and had no boxes in his back seat!  I asked Storen how his arm is and talked about Matt Capps.

The Nats are great!  Watch out National League, I know its early....but dare I say...Playoffs in Washington??!!

Mike "Bobblehead guy"

Sunday, April 15th Reds at Nats

A tough extra inning loss, put an end to a 5 game winning streak for the Nats.  Of course, this was the first game I saw the Nats play this year.  Detwiler pitched well (except for the 1st inning where he let up a home run to Ludwick). Glad that he is in the starting rotation though, he is a solid starter.

After the game, I stayed and was pleasantly surprised.  There were about 10 people who stayed for autographs after the 11 inning loss and it being a Sunday, i was hope just for a few Nats to start off my year.  But, they were unbelievable today! 

18 players for the Nats (that is right....18) stopped and signed. I was able to get 17 of them (EJax) Edwin Jackson didn't sign for everyone as there were cars behind him.  But, I am sure I will get him another time.

I did get the following:

Ryan Mattheus - Team Ball
Steve Lombardozzi - Team Ball
Chad Tracy - Team Ball
Roger Bernadina - Team Ball
Sean Burnett - Team Ball
Xavier Nady - card
Jesus Flores - card
Adam LaRoche - card
Jordan Zimmermann - card
Gio Gonzalez - card and team ball
Ross Detwiler - 3 cards
Rick Ankiel - 2 cards
Mark DeRosa - card
Danny Espinosa - bobblehead and team ball
Ian Desmond - bobblehead and card
Craig Stammen - 8x10
Jayson Werth - 8x10

This was the first time i ever got Werth or Ankiel.  Was also the first for Lombardozzi, Mattheus, Tracy, Nady, DeRosa.

I was the only one that recognized Lombardozzi.  I talked to Roger that his catch last year, still the best EVER that i have seen in person.  Talked to Gio about Braden. Gio is a CLASSY, CLASSY, CLASSY guy. I will always root for him to do well. Very fan friendly.  Detwiler was very nice.  Ankiel (just David and I got him as other fans were getting Detwiler and Mattheus).  I talked to DeRosa, asked how he is liking DC...he pointed to his back seat and his boxes, still hasn't found a place.  Espinosa and Desmond--they are a great combination--both will be all star's.  Stammen put, to Mike on photo!  Jayson Werth too!

Yay!  What a day!

Mike "bobblehead guy"

Friday, April 6, 2012

Orioles Home Opener - April 6th, 2012

The 2012 MLB Regular Season is here!!!

 I drove up with my good friend Brandon and his son. I was not feeling well and was grateful that he gave me a ride (thanks BRANDON!!)

I have a new section and seat...I am now in Section 45, Row 2, Seat 7....for a 29 game plan.  I was looking forward to meeting the season ticket holders that would be sitting around me (as the first few rows are season ticket holders). And, the couple sitting next to me were extremely friendly and baseball fanatics...i chatted with them the entire game.  That's what I like, to meet other fans.

 I enjoyed the game....Markakis hit a homer and a triple (should have been an inside the park home run, but he did not run it out as he thought the left fielder was going to catch it).  Also, Arrieta pitched very well!   Jamey Carroll on the Twins made some nice defensive plays and Josh Willingham through out (I think Markakis) at home. He also hit a home run in the 9th (which i did not see, as I left at the end of the 8th to go to Potbelly's).

After the game, I got Matt Capps on 3 4x6 photos that were given to me by Dawn (another fan) back in 2010. It was Capps last game actually with the Nats.  Matt remembered me, he said I looked familiar, but was confused as I had an O's jacket and hat....i told him I was only wearing this because it was opening day. I am a Nats fan (couldn't tell him I was a Jays fan too)....i only wear O's gear for the home opener. But, we chatted about Drew Storen and the Nats while he signed all 3 photos and I told him that I was still very upset about that trade. (which i am--Mike Rizzo!!).

So, I came to the game hoping to get any of the three following players (Matt Capps, Josh Willingham or Ryan Doumit).  And i got Capps!!!

 My next O's game--April 25th vs the Jays!! ....unless I go back this weekend.

 Can't wait to see the Jays though!!!

 Michael "Bobblehead Guy"