Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, April 21st Marlins at Nats

Before the game, inside, I got Heath Ball on a ginter card. My only Marlins player in 2 days. They are a very tough team to get signed. I could have also had Logan Morrison on a ginter card, but i made a ROOKIE mistake...i gave him Chris Coghlan's cards...don't know how/why i did that...he said, I am not Chris...i was like i know...damn...pissed off at myself)....get it together, Mike!!!

After the game (which the Nats one in 11, thanks to Ian Desmond's sac fly, he also hit a monster home run in this game which that Nats won 3-2 in 10).

Ok...the most amazing in terms of names today for autographs. There we about 15 people here....and you won't believe this list....i was and still am in utter SHOCK....disbelief....amazement!

Stephen Strasburg SIGNED and I got him on the Sports Illustrated!!! i told him while in line great start today and also asked how his arm is doing.  I then asked if he could sign it to Mike, but he said he doesn't do inscriptions, and i said ok, its for me thats why (see as people who know me know, i ask all players to sign to mike on 8x10's or SI's etc.) cause i DO NOT sell anything.  And, he then signed the SI and then asked my name and added To Mike...a few people said the signature was the best one....I think so too!!!  Thanks Stephen, you made my day, my week!...still smiling!!!

Not done yet....

Got on an 8x10 RYAN ZIMMERMAN....and then i had a photo from 3 years ago with him and Mike Hinckley and he signed it to Mike!!!

Also got....

Jayson Werth - Team ball
Rick Ankiel - Team ball (but didn't come in part of it because pen died)
Jordan Zimmermann - Team ball
Craig Stammen - Team ball
Mark DeRosa - card
Ian Desmond - signed all 4 of my remaining cards!!!

This was AWESOME!!!!!!!!  So happy!

I told Rick Ankiel he has the best arm of any center fielder or outfielder. that nobody will run on him.  He said "damn right i do". he was so funny.  he was great! 

So, how was my day?....The best!!


12-4, First place in the NL East. 

Mike "Bobblehead guy"

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