Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wednesday, April 25th Jays at O's

I was so excited to see the Jays in person for the first time this season. I arrived around 2:45pm for the 7:05pm game (arrived nearly 2 hours later than i planned). Only a few Jays had actually walked in.  The visiting players are now allowed down the tunnel in a town car and of course the bus had a bunch of players.  This is unfortunate as before they were not allowed down in cars, only the bus and therefore you could get a bunch of players if you recognized them in their street clothes.

So, with arriving so late and the players needing to be in no later than 4pm, I decided to go to Potbelly's and rest/go thru my Jays items and write out my lists of what I need and my goals for the game.

Inside I was able to get Omar Vizquel down the 3rd base line, he was just sitting on the wall.  This was the first time I had received this future hall of famer's autograph.  I also was able to get Kelly Johnson on 3 jersey cards by the dugout (between home plate and dugout) and coach Farrell.  Edwin Encarnacion signed a jersey card there for me too.  I missed Eric Thames as it was crowded, despite being one of the first ones in the stadium, i was three rows and 5 deep.

 The Jays lost....Drabek pitched well though (despite allowing 2 homers, only allowed i think 5 hits).

 After the game only a couple players came out. I was able to get Henderson Alvarez on a jersey card and then Evan Crawford who was just called up. I finally left after over an hour and a half of waiting. Bautista came out and said he would sign tomorrow. I could not go, so i will have to wait another day to get Bautista on my 16 x20 or the jersey cards i have of him.

 I did meet some guys that are working with Bautista on a project and they took my name and phone number after talking about baseball and how i became a jays fan. they found it interesting and said i could possibly be a part of this project.  how exciting!!

 Until next time.....

Michael "Bobblehead guy"

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