Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wednesday, May 2nd Dbacks at Nats

I arrived with Brandon around 6:30 ish....we had amazing seats in Sec 110, Row C...thanks Brandon for taking me!  Great view, right there at field level. It was bitterly cold and I did NOT have a sweatshirt or jacket (just a spring jacket). Harper hit 2 doubles, so close to being home runs. Ian Desmond hit a walk off 2 run home run with 2 outs. that was AWESOME!!

 I stayed after and there were a lot of people (for the Nats) nearly 20 outside trying to get autographs. The fans out there were very nice. I gave some of them tips and helped recognize the players for them (though i had a little trouble as it was so dark, and my eyes were kind of blury for some reason).  But i really enjoyed talking to the fans out there. I was glad i could help out in a small way, by giving my staedtler pens for them to use or telling them the basics (calling the player by their first name and saying please, then thank you).

Not many players signed, it was cold, it was late (10:10pm when game ended, roughly).  I talked to Gio Gonzalez, he is one of top 3 nicest players i have ever met (not on the Blue Jays). Along with Matt Capps and Dallas Braden.  He remembers me, i don't need his autograph, just chatted with him. I am rooting for this guy every-time he pitches!!!

 I did get Jordan Zimmermann on a program from 3 years ago,

 I did get Jayson Werth on a jersey ginter and mini-ginter. That is 3 of 4 times i have stayed after this year that he has stopped. I wish i got his bobblehead, i would have been able to get it signed!  Never thought i would get his autograph. I don't have anything left for him to sign. 

I also was able to get the 19 year old phenom Bryce Harper on his sports illustrated cover from 3 years ago.

I also received Ian Desmond on the game ticket (wanted to ask  him to inscribe walk-off home run) but never ask players for inscriptions, don't know what i am afraid of. At that point there were only 4 of us left. 

 I was so cold and finally left at 11:45pm.

GO Nats!!

Mike "Bobblehead Guy"

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