Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday, April 15th Reds at Nats

A tough extra inning loss, put an end to a 5 game winning streak for the Nats.  Of course, this was the first game I saw the Nats play this year.  Detwiler pitched well (except for the 1st inning where he let up a home run to Ludwick). Glad that he is in the starting rotation though, he is a solid starter.

After the game, I stayed and was pleasantly surprised.  There were about 10 people who stayed for autographs after the 11 inning loss and it being a Sunday, i was hope just for a few Nats to start off my year.  But, they were unbelievable today! 

18 players for the Nats (that is right....18) stopped and signed. I was able to get 17 of them (EJax) Edwin Jackson didn't sign for everyone as there were cars behind him.  But, I am sure I will get him another time.

I did get the following:

Ryan Mattheus - Team Ball
Steve Lombardozzi - Team Ball
Chad Tracy - Team Ball
Roger Bernadina - Team Ball
Sean Burnett - Team Ball
Xavier Nady - card
Jesus Flores - card
Adam LaRoche - card
Jordan Zimmermann - card
Gio Gonzalez - card and team ball
Ross Detwiler - 3 cards
Rick Ankiel - 2 cards
Mark DeRosa - card
Danny Espinosa - bobblehead and team ball
Ian Desmond - bobblehead and card
Craig Stammen - 8x10
Jayson Werth - 8x10

This was the first time i ever got Werth or Ankiel.  Was also the first for Lombardozzi, Mattheus, Tracy, Nady, DeRosa.

I was the only one that recognized Lombardozzi.  I talked to Roger that his catch last year, still the best EVER that i have seen in person.  Talked to Gio about Braden. Gio is a CLASSY, CLASSY, CLASSY guy. I will always root for him to do well. Very fan friendly.  Detwiler was very nice.  Ankiel (just David and I got him as other fans were getting Detwiler and Mattheus).  I talked to DeRosa, asked how he is liking DC...he pointed to his back seat and his boxes, still hasn't found a place.  Espinosa and Desmond--they are a great combination--both will be all star's.  Stammen put, to Mike on photo!  Jayson Werth too!

Yay!  What a day!

Mike "bobblehead guy"

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