Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Friday, March 2, 2012

Arizona - Cactus League.....can't wait!

Hello Everyone,

I will be heading to Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday, March 8th and will be attending spring training games from March 9th-17th.  I hope to get to all 10 stadiums (we'll see) and see all 15 teams (i hope).  I have never been to spring training in Arizona, so it will all be a learning experience for me, but i am SUPER EXCITED!!!

My father, a life-long, die-hard, Red Sox fan will be coming with me (but leaving two days earlier).  He is telling me he doesn't care what team or stadium to see....but, I hope that he has an enjoyable time.

If anyone has tips on various stadiums, where to go for autographs both outside the stadium and in, that would be fantastic.

I plan on blogging (hopefully every day about my experiences). I will be taking pictures (if i can find my camera) and talking about my interactions with various players.  I am MOST EXCITED about seeing Scott Downs and Vernon Wells.  They were two of the main reasons why i became a Blue Jays fan.  Now, they are both with the Angels. I am NOT going to see the Angels, for Pujols.

I have lots of cards, some Sports Illustrated magazines, photo's and i might bring some of my bobblehead's to get autographed (i am the bobblehead guy after all).

I am aiming to see 13 games in 8 days...(one day we are going to the Grand Canyon).  I can't wait to go and hopefully my spring training blogs will help people for their visit to spring training in Arizona!

Until next week.....enjoy Baseball Tonight and my favorite analyst, writer, person....Tim Kurkjian, who actually remembers me when I see him (at Nats stadium, at Camden Yards and at the airport)....he is so knowledgeable and love talking to him about the Jays. 

 I am eagerly anticipating the season to begin (my O's 29 game plan tickets came a nice box).

Be well!

Mike "Bobblehead Guy" O'Neill


  1. Hey mike just wondering did andrew bailey ever email you back

    1. Hi Chris,

      No, he didn't. I was hoping he would. I had such a great interaction with him. I really like him. But, no...he must have lost the card.


  2. Have an awesome time mate! Very jealous that during MY spring break you're enjoying the heat and I'm stuck here writing papers and working... But you deserve a break, so ENJOY! Cheers brother! JB