Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Training Day 1: Surprise Stadium Dodgers @ Rangers

Wow, what an amazing time I had. When I attended spring training 5 years ago in Florida, I did not go to the practice fields, just the games.  I enjoyed seeing all the players going from field to field.  Of course, there were tons of fans trying to get autographs.

My first autograph is spring training 2012 was Mike Olt, a high prospect for the Rangers.  I also got (not in this order)

Joe Beimel on 2 cards, people asked who is that guy with all those tats, i was like that's Joe Beimel. I told Joe, thanks for signing the bobblehead a couple years ago when he was with the Nats.

I also recognized Alberto Gonzalez (another former Nat) and he signed for me--nobody around me recognized him either.

I also was able to get Joe Nathan, former All-Star closer with the Twins, in his first year with the Rangers. Wow, what an incredibly nice guy. he signed, no joke--for 45 minutes-1 hour. He was great!  A class act all the way! Joe, I wish you nothing but success in 2012, except against the Jays (sorry, that's my team). My dad got him on a ball and then got him on a card for me later.

Brad Hawpe signed as he was going from the batting cage to a field. He was in a hurry and scribbled on my card.

Scott Feldman was nice and as he was sitting on a fence he signed for fans, signed 2 cards for me.

Mike Napoli surprised me. I heard he wasn't someone who usually signed. He probably signed a good 30-35 minutes (maybe more) right on path leading from main practice field to their clubhouse. He signed a card for me and a card for my dad.

Outside I got a total of 9 cards signed by 7 players, my dad got me 2 more cards (one Napoli and one Nathan). Inside I was able to just get Dee Gordon. My dad got Andre Ethier on a card for me (thanks dad!) and almost got Kemp. I was hoping to get Kemp on a bobblehead.  Just at wrong spot (go figure, i was down there for a while, then when dodgers come out, my dad goes down to the spot further down left field line where Ethier and Kemp both go!!---he is SO LUCKY!!!).

Day 1 - 13 cards signed, 9 players (7 Rangers, 2 Dodgers).

Tomorrow, we are going to Phoenix Municipal Stadium to see the Reds at the A's.  Hope to get Dallas Braden, Brad Peacock and other prospects for the A's.  Not sure who is going for the Reds. But hope to get my bobbleheads signed (brought Jay Bruce and Dusty Baker).

- Mike "bobblehead guy"

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