Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jays at Camden Yards!----always fun to see my team!

I arrived at 12:37pm, only about 8 of us trying to get autographs including my good friends Chris and John.  We didn't have much luck outside. No O's signed, and only two Jays---Jayson Nix (who asked me why i wanted his autograph, because he sucks) i told him don't say that, that he DID NOT suck. Jayson signed a card for me. And I also got JP Arencibia...he is very nice and signed all three of my cards. Inside, after the game he signed my 2011 team ball as well!

Inside I did very well.  I spoke with Mr. Brian Butterfield about Nick Leyva (Nick is  my favorite coach of all-time for those who do not know, he is now the 3rd base coach for the Pirates).  I was able to get Kyle Drabek on the 8x10 photo I had with him from Fenway Park in April and he put to Mike! He signed past the third base line and then seconds later at the same location I then got Aaron Hill and asked him to sign whichever he liked and that asked if he liked the Jersey cards....he did and he signed BOTH jersey cards!

Rajai Davis signed the team ball for me before hitting. I asked if he had 18 stolen bases and he said he doesn't know (i found out he had 16, but he stole two bases in the game, so now he does have 18). Rajai also said there is nobody faster than him. He was a very nice guy.

I got Jose Bautista on a Washington Post article that was written about him. I got Edwin Encarnacion and Yunel Escobar after they were done hitting. They each signed jersey cards. Mike Mccoy signed the team ball and I thanked him for throwing me ball in Minnesota last year.

Adam Lind...that is right, ADAM pal, was activated from the DL and he SIgnED for me!!! he signed the 2011 team ball....I was so surprised and said thank you many times!

I did NOT get anyone after the game, though it was just me at one point (Corey Patterson and Jose Bautista came out and they got mobbed by o's fans that were kids...and they signed for every single one of the kids.  I I thanked Corey Patterson for taking pic with me in Boston and signing for me then too.  Told him i was a fan, he asked if i was from Toronto, told him from Boston, live in DC, but been a Jays fan since 05, because of Vernon Wells, Scott Downs and Orlando Hudson, he said Vernon is a great guy...yes he is! He even asked if i had a room with everything, i said eventually i would love to have everything on display. Thanked him again and congratulated him on his home run.

I had a great day overall, except for the the O's...i have bad luck with the Jays in bmore (in terms of wins)....oh Jeremy Accardo said he would sign for me tomorrow. Hope he does, former Jay i like alot.

I am going to game tomorrow, i am exhausted....going to sleep now.


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