Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Monday, May 30, 2011

Padres in DC May 28th and 29th

Padres took the series, two games to one (of course the two I go to, the Nats lose).  But both were one run losses, 2-1 and 5-4.  Fun games to see

Saturday I got the following autographs before the game inside
Heath Bell - padres jersey
Chase Headley - 8x10
Nick Hundley - card
Aaron Harang - bobblehead

Saturday outside after the game
Livan Hernandez- 8x10 (he put to mike)
Adam Laroche - 8x10 (he put to mike best wishes...awesome!)
Wilson Ramos - program
Henry Rodriguez - card (told him glad he is with the nats, he throws heat)
Blake Tekotte - ticket

Brandon and Ethan, great father/son friends were at the game and stayed after too....great people, good kid who is going to be a good ball player.

Sunday before the game inside
Blake Tekotte - added 1st MLB Hit to ticket and signed Padres jersey (congratulated him again on game yesterday and asked him if he was feeling better, he was)
Logan Forsythe - signed jersey (congratulated him on first hit)
Kyle Phillips - signed jersey (chatted about the jays and his brother Jason)...kyle is a great guy
Luke Gregerson - signed jersey

Sunday after game inside
Orlando Hudson - SIGNED Bobblehead!!....he was so nice, i got his attention, showing him the bobblehead, asked him if he could please sign it, he said he would, but i can't throw it, i suggested the camera well next to dugout, and he did! he said that it was an old bobblehead, from 2003, i told him how i am a jays fan, that he was the first jay i ever got autograph and hope he recovers quickly from his hamstring/groin injury and good luck the rest of the year and how he just made my day. I said thank you so much!  O-Dog, your the man!!

Sunday after game
ok, so i was going to get a ride from david to church as it was about 5:15 when we got outside....glad i didn't go to church then (i ended up going to a different church that david drove me to in chinatown that had a 7:30 service though)  i have NEVER received this many autographs after a game from the Nats....on a replica Nats jersey that my dad got me i got the following Nats
 Livan Hernandez
Doug Slaten (chatted, he thought i was a dealer, I AM NOT!, i told him i am a fan and like the nats)
Todd Coffey (chatted about coffey time)
Drew Storen
Tyler Clippard
Sean Burnett (he was first to sign jersey, also signed program)
Brian Bixler
Jerry Hairston Jr (wished him a happy bday)
Ian Desmond
Wilson Ramos
Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez
Danny Espinosa (told him i voted for him 200 times already for all-star game)
Roger Bernadina (told him that his catch was best i have ever seen in person and is still catch of the year on ESPN--i believe it is anyway)

So it was a SUPER afternoon.....and David got Orlando Hudson to sign 8x10 (thanks David for getting that for me)

Well, going to Phillies v Nats.....Halladay v Hernandez I believe....excited to see Doc pitch, not looking forward to all the phillies fans, they are so rude!

Until tomorrow

Mike "bobblehead guy"

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