Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Monday, June 13, 2011

A's v O's Wed June 8th

I didn't even stay for one pitch because I wanted to get home at a decent time as I had a big day the next day for work.  It ended up taking me over 3 hrs to get that was a bad decision, especially when the game only lasted 2 hrs and 16 minutes!!

I got a ride to the game by a friend/colleague, boy was I gratefully i got there 5 mins before the gates opened.  I did get Mr. Rick Dempsey on the SI in silver sharpie, but that sharpie is faded and auto came out really bad. I gotta get new silver sharpies.
I got Coach Bob Geren on a card (it ended up being his last game as the A's coach, he was fired the next day in the midst of an 8 game losing streak).
I got Kurt Suzuki on the 2011 Patch Card. He liked the card.
I got Gio Gonzalez on 2 cards, one of witch he said was taken when he was 18 years old.
Josh Willingham signed a card, i told him about the bat and he was confused and said "ok?"   was weird, thought he would have a positive reaction, he was very involved with the Dream Foundation with the Nats and charity work cause he is an amazingly great guy

Tim Kurkjian knows who i am, he remembered me as the Jays fan (i have ran into him in bmore before and at nats game and at Natsfest last year). We chatted about Lawrie, Cecil, Snider, McGowan.........It was awesome and fans around me were like "Tim Kurkjian Knows who you are, thats Awesome!" I was so excited....AWESOME!!  And he told me i went to more games than he did last year (I told him how I went to 79 games last year, 77-MLB games, 1 spring training game at Nats Park and 1 Potomac game).

Andrew Bailey chatted with me, thanked me for the card, how he really likes it.  He asked again what he could do, I was practicing on asking him for a jersey or bat and instead I asked him for a personalized game hat, he couldn't do that. I had given him my new business card, he said he would email me and work something out and send me something. I am crossing my fingers that he doesn't lose my card and emails me....that would be the best thing ever. He is already in my top 15-20 of players I like. He would so move up to top 10 if he emailed me!!

So it was a fun night (prior to game) just not a fun trip home.


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