Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Friday, April 1, 2011

It is FINALLY Here!!!!!!!............

Yes, the 2011 season has FINALLY started!!!!!!!!.........I am so, so, SO excited!  You will see posts from me and pictures after each game I attend (i plan to get them up within 24 hours). 

I missed opening day here in DC so that I could study for a test for my CAC class. I know I have already received heat about that (from my dad, some co-workers and friends)....saying I am not a true baseball fan.  That is just not right, I am a baseball FANTATIC.......I owe baseball so much!  It has gotten me through some tough times in my life, especially last year, the toughest year of my life.  But, I really needed to study.  So, I watched the game on tv periodically (had volume low while I studied). 

Here is a list of games I plan on attending in April.......
April 4th Tigers at O's (Camden Yards Home Opener)

April 8th Rangers at O's (hope to get Josh Hamilton to sign a copy of his book "Beyond Belief" and ESPN Magazine cover)

April 16th Brewers at Nats (first Nats game of year for me)....hope to possibly meet Greinke...if he is back from that basketball injury

April 18th Twins at O's --see one of my favorite players (that is not a Blue Jay) Matt Capps.....still upset with Rizzo for trading him for Wilson Ramos.

April 27th Red Sox at O's --might pull out my old red sox Trot Nixon jersey for this one....also, REALLY Like Adrian Gonzalez since 2006 when I got a batting glove from him after a Nats game (he tossed both gloves over dugout and i got one and he signed it in 07)

April 29th Giants at Nats ---see the World Champs and maybe get an autograph --just get at least one, i hope!

I plan on going to Toronto with my best friend and his wonderful wife for a weekend, as well as hopefully getting down to Miami to see a game in the final year of the old Marlins stadium (opening a new one in 2012). I would like to get to the Pirates stadium as well as possibly go to Texas to see Astros and Rangers.  

But, we will see....still need to plan the annual father/son trip with my dad...but he doesn't really care where we go...he is still close minded---just a Sox fan, nothing but Fenway.  Oh, and I will of course see the Jays at Fenway with my dad--he is great, and I LOVE his seats (have to say this, just in the rare case he is reading this blog).

Well, I should sign off....I have to finish my assignment for class tonight! 

- Mike "Bobblehead Guy"

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