Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rangers v O's Rain, Rain, Go Away.......alas, it was a RAINOUT!

I arrived at the Yards around 11:35am on Friday, April 8th....excited to see Josh and get him to sign a copy of his book and possibly the ESPN the Magazine cover he is on or one of the 5 cards I have of him.  Unfortunately, do to the weather (it was cold and rained most of the day, starting around 1:45pm or so....

Most of the Rangers came in SUV's and those are allowed where the Buses go, under the stadium where the O's parking lot is. However, 5 players did walk by us and I did get pics with two Rangers players (CJ Wilson--who is a very nice and funny guy, he said what kind of pose will we do and we both folded our arms and then Yorvit Torrealba also took a pic with me and then Darren Oliver (former pitcher, now coach), and i did get four autographs  (Wilson -card, Torrealba-8x10, Ron Washington-card-Coach, Mark Lowe-card and Ian Kinsler-card) from Rangers players (Beltre was the only one to blow the 15-20 of us that stood out in the cold and rain for hours, off).  Granted, about half were dealers, but there was a nice couple that drove four hours to see the Rangers and other fans or collectors.

 I also got pics with two O's players (Roberto Andino and Jeremy Guthrie). 

 Josh said he had to get ready for the game after hitting in the batting cages located through the O's dugout.  I was bummed, but he is a great guy, he has overcome so much and is such a role model for people battling with addiction.  I wish him, CJ Wilson, Torrealba and Lowe the best this year. 

 I was joined by my good friend Brandon and his son Ethan and my other friend David....we went inside to the club level, hanging out until the game was called a little before 8pm. 

 My next game is possibly next Saturday, April 16th, first at Nats stadium when they host the Brewers (and Shaun Marcum!).

- Mike (Bobblehead Guy)

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