Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Baseball Tonight Tour bus - Temple Diablo Mon March 12th

Monday, April 4, 2011

Opening Day at Camden Yards (the Yards)

I arrived at Camden Yards (now to be referred to as "the Yards") later than I was planning too....after taking two buses, a train and the light rail to get to the Yards. I already missed the players arriving to the stadium (heard that Miguel Cabrera signed for everyone, as did some O's, about 30-40 people were there trying to get autographs.  

I went to get a standing room ticket and to exchange a couple tix in my 13 game plan.  I was successful with only the exchanging of tickets. There were at least 75 people in line waiting to get a ticket. I went to Potbelly's had my lunch (staff at this Potbelly's just as nice as the one in Dupont) and three of them remembered me and I chatted with each of them.  After eating, I went back trying to get a ticket for over and 1- hour and a half I walked and sat down with my index finger pointing up....i felt and probably looked dejected.  Finally, a man came and sold me a ticket at face value--in Sec 18, Row 24---i was so grateful!  He didn't want his picture taken for the blog.  I was so excited, I called my friend David (D.R.) who had been calling friends to see if they had an extra ticket for me, and told him i got a ticket and went in to the Yards!  Finally!!!

I missed the autograph opportunity inside, but saw my usher friend as well as a season ticket holder I have come to be friends with.  I then went to my seat and enjoyed the introductions of all the personnel and players....and then the jets flew over head to a thunderous applause!

The game was exciting. Jake Arrieta pitched for the O's and Rick Porcello for the Tigers....Roberts hit a 3 run home run, Markakis had two double and a single, Derrek Lee had a stolen base (this is not a misprint), Pie made a couple nice catches towards the left field line and in foul territory, Guerrero struggled, as did Reynolds, but both of these guys are veteran players and will soon get out of their funk's.

The game time temperature must have been around 80 degrees, beautiful weather, fun game....O's won 5-1. They are now 4-0 to start the season.

I stayed after the game for 2 hours and was successful in getting the following

- Rick Porcello on a 2010 Allen and Ginter Card
- Austin Jackson on an 8x10 photo
- Ramon Santiago on Detroit SI issue (and got a pic with him too)
-Jeremy Accardo on the opening day lineup scorecard given to me by Nick Leyva in 2010.
-Jake Arrieta on a rookie card (and a pic)
-Mike Gonzalez on a pirates bobblehead (he said, oh wow, this is old school)
-Brian Roberts on a allen and ginter bat card

very, very, very happy.....i got home and now I am exhausted. I will post pics another time...need to sleep now, have work and school game--Fri April 8th.

-take care,
Mike "bobblehead guy"

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